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Microfilm copying charges

Price (Excluding VAT)
Silver positive film per reel​ £65.00 £54.17​
Diazo (direct duplicate) film per reel​ £35.00 £29.17​

Please note: Minimum of two films per order. Where one film only is required the cost for 2 films will be applied

Copy films are widely used for reference material where a durable copy is required or to supplement existing archive material.

This is available in two formats:

  • Silver positive film produces a positive output (black text on a white background) and has approximately 500 years archival life (if stored to ISO standards).
  • Diazo film produces a negative output (white text on a black background) and has approximately 50 years archival life. (dependant on usage).
  • Both copying mediums are supplied on archival quality 35 mm films by an independent service provider.
  • The turnaround time for the microfilm copying service is 10 working days – this does not include delivery time.

Prints from microfilms

Price (Excluding VAT)
Self service: per copy (history card)​ £0.15​ N/A​
Two prints (remote enquiry)​ £8.75​ £7.29​
16 April 2012
Last Modified:
29 August 2019