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Photocopying at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is available either via the self-service printers or by order, through our Imaging and Media team.

The type of photocopying process used depends on your requirements, as well as our preservation guidelines. Please be aware that many archive documents at LMA are considered unsuitable for photocopying (you may be able to obtain a digital scan). Please ask staff for guidance.

Photocopying Price​ Excluding VAT
Black and white A4 photocopying: self-service​ £0.20​ (Not applicable​)
Black and white A3 photocopying: self-service​ £0.30​ (Not applicable​)​
Colour A4 photocopying self-service​ £0.30​ (Not applicable​)
Colour A3 photocopying self-service​ £0.60​ (Not applicable​)
Black and white A4 photocopying: staff (5 days)​ £2.00​ £1.67​
Black and white A3 photocopying: staff (5 days)​ £3.00​ £2.50​
Colour A4 photocopying: staff (5 days)​ £2.00​ £1.67
Colour A3 photocopying: staff (5 days)​ £3.00​ £2.50​

Notes on photocopying

  • Photocopies are printed on standard photocopying paper = 80gsm in weight.
  • This is considered a standard copying medium, good for the purposes of general reference of text and simple illustrations. Some detail may be lost when copying.
  • Copies are in colour or black and white, printed on 80gsm recycled paper.
  • We cannot photocopy items larger than A3 on one sheet; multiple A3 sections will be required and will not be reproduced to a true scale.
  • The turnaround time for non self service photocopies is five working days – this does not include delivery time.

For further information please refer to our get your documents copied page.​

16 April 2012
Last Modified:
10 July 2019