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Plan your visit to London Metropolitan Archives (LMA)

Before you get here

Check our opening times. This is particularly important for Saturdays as we do not open every weekend.

Disabled access

If you have a disability, please see our accessibility page to find out about our facilities for disabled people. We strongly recommend that disabled users contact us in advance of visiting (particularly for a first visit).

Only pencils allowed near original documents

You will need a pencil to take your notes, as we do not allow pens to be used near original documents.

You can buy pencils at LMA if necessary.

Prepare online before you arrive

Use the LMA Collections Catalogue to search the collections and plan which records you would like to see during your visit. 

Bring your History Card

All visitors who wish to access original material at LMA will require a History Card. Additionally, the History Card is used to facilitate printing documents from our public computer terminals and microfilms. Find out how to register.

Research guides

To help you develop your understanding of the types of records we hold, and the kinds of details you can expect to find out from them, we have a series of research guides on themed topics and the collections at LMA.

When you arrive

Your bag will be checked by a member of our security staff.

No bags or coats are allowed in the research areas. Lockers and secure coat racks are provided free of charge.

Clear plastic bags for carrying notebooks, stationery and any small valuable items with you in the public rooms are available from the security point on the ground floor. Our visitor regulations provide more detail about the items you can take into the public rooms.

All research rooms at LMA are on the first floor - take the stairs or the lift. There you will arrive in our exhibition space beyond which lies the information area where you can begin your research.

Phones and computers

Mobile phones must not be used in archives - please use the visitor lounge. You are welcome to bring personal computers - we have a limited number of power points available. We currently have 48 computers with catalogues, collections information and internet access available to the public.

Self service photography

LMA allows users to bring their own cameras to take pictures of documents only if they obtain a self service photography permit which is valid for one day. A charge of £5 is payable per day for the permit which allows the use of digital and traditional cameras. You will need to complete an application form (obtainable at time of purchase of permit) and comply with all listed conditions before using the service.

30 March 2012
Last Modified:
13 August 2019