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Date updated: 11/05/2021

Drawing on the achievements and learning over the past year, the Taskforce has established a digital knowledge bank as a way to share insights, good practice and recommended ways of working with places wanting to adopt similar approaches.

The aim is to grow these resources with further examples of cultural and commercial collaboration across the country.

Want to share a culture and commerce project from your area? Get in touch using the button below.


Here are a selection of how-to guides and think pieces from selected Culture and Commerce project partners.

How-to Guide: A Year in the Life of the Culture and Commerce Taskforce PDF (144KB)
Date submitted: 10/26/21

A Year in the Life of the Culture and Commerce Taskforce - What we learnt about set-up and delivery. Written by Andrea Lee, Project Manager, Culture & Commerce Taskforce.

How-to Guide: Top Tips for Partnership Working
Date submitted: 10/20/21

Ten project and partnership managers from the Culture and Commerce Taskforce met to share their experience and learning. Here’s what they said and their recommended top tips for effective working across the culture, commercial and civic sectors. 

Think Piece: Let’s Welcome Ten Thousand Creators to the City PDF (101KB)
Date submitted: 10/19/21

The post-pandemic opportunities arising from re-purposed office space, written by Charles Armstrong, Founder & CEO, The Trampery.

Think Piece: Translating Skills from Culture to Commerce: Quick Guide PDF (102KB)
Date submitted: 10/19/21

A short guide, written by Steve O’Smotherly, Performance Coach and Learning & Development Consultant.

Think Piece: The Value in Culture for Commerce
Date submitted: 10/20/21

Written by Christine Nicholson, Nicholson Hall Advisory Ltd, UK Business Mentor of the Year 2020, Company of Entrepreneurs.

Think Piece: What’s Your SuperPower? PDF (109KB)
Date submitted: 10/19/21

It’s time to seek new ways to collaborate and learn across culture and commerce - to recognise and use our skills and superpowers. Written by Karen Watton, Legal Director, Queen Mary University of London

Think Piece: How do Culture and Commerce Meet PDF (102KB)
Date submitted: 10/19/21

Insights from Tessa Marchington, Founder of Music in Offices, The Investec International Music Festival and Showcase Consultants.

Think Piece: Planning for Culture PDF (105KB)
Date submitted: 10/26/21

Enabling better cultural activation through cross-sector collaboration. Written by Benjamin O’Connor, Director, New London Architecture.

Case Studies

Case Study: HARMONY at London Wall Place
Date submitted: 10/20/21

HARMONY at London Wall Place is a series of augmented reality artworks co-commissioned by Brookfield Properties and Culture Mile that bring the City of London to life with visuals and music from Guildhall School of Music & Drama and London Symphony Orchestra.

Case Study: Cult Vision and the Fuelling Creative Renewal Artist Commissions
Date submitted: 10/20/21

A retail window installation of the 8 pieces of artwork commissioned by the Culture & Commerce Taskforce that responded to themes within the Fuelling Creative Renewal. The exhibition took place at Cult Vision, the Goswell Road-based opticians. 

Case Study: Creative Training for Other Sectors
Date submitted: 10/20/21

Co-developing resilience training: City Bridge Trust in partnership with Guildhall Coaching Associates

Case Study: BE Offices
Date submitted: 10/20/21

A mutually beneficial workspace partnership between BE Offices and Culture Mile.

Case Study: Digital Boost
Date submitted: 10/20/21

Free one to one mentoring from digital experts to creative and cultural professionals and organisations.

Case Study: Student Consultancy Project PDF (403KB)
Date submitted: 10/26/21

A multi-disciplinary, cross-sector work based learning programme at Queen Mary University of London.

Case study: NPA Proposition 09/2021 PDF (58KB)
Date submitted: 10/26/21

Inspiring creativity in the redefined workplace 

Case Study: Music in Offices PDF (1.38MB)
Date submitted: 10/26/21

Celebrating over 10 years of music-making in the workplace.

Learn more about a Year of Fuelling Creative Renewal here.

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