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Date updated: 10/04/2021

Our vision is for culture and commerce to work together to ensure London’s creative energy and competitive strengths retain its position as the best city in the world in which to live, work, learn and invest.

Established by the Lord Mayor, in partnership with the City of London Corporation and Culture Mile, this ongoing cross-sector programme supports, delivers and champions projects that unite business and the creative industries for mutual positive benefit.

Why focus on culture and commerce cross-sector collaboration?

  • The pandemic has accelerated significant shifts in people’s behaviours
  • Whilst many creative entrepreneurs have been able to capitalise on these behavioural shifts, time is of the essence for the survival of much of London’s creative sector
  • London’s competitive business advantage is at risk with a weakened creative sector
  • London’s world-leading creative sector is a major part of the city’s attractiveness and economy
  • The creative sector has a critical role to play in accelerating London’s recovery
  • Culture and commerce need to collaborate in new ways for mutual beneft
  • The City of London has the potential to facilitate and model this in order to play a significant role in accelerating London, and therefore the UK’s, recovery
  • By working together in new ways, culture and commerce can build a renewed creative sector that accelerates economic growth and strengthens competitive advantage for the City and London.

About the Culture and Commerce Taskforce

The Culture and Commerce Taskforce assembled leading figures from across the capital to address the massive challenges faced by the cultural and creative industries in the City, and London more widely, through better connecting the cultural and commercial sectors. 

Fuelling Creative Renewal Report

Fuelling Creative Renewal is a report by the Culture & Commerce Taskforce that sets out a blueprint for a deeper relationship between the creative and business sectors to accelerate London’s recovery from the pandemic. 

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