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City Corporation to launch new Covid-19 Recovery Grant Scheme for Square Mile SMEs

Date updated: 10/04/2021

The City of London Corporation’s Cultural and Visitor Services team is uniquely placed to demonstrate how a thriving cultural and historical global city centre can embed sustainability and environmental action into our broad portfolio of operations in a way which:

  • Demonstrates our commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and minimising our negative environmental impacts in line with the Paris Agreement and the Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy
  • Facilitates and encourages new and innovative approaches amongst our artists, contractors, stakeholders and staff to continually improve and embed sustainable practices
  • Enriches people’s day to day experience and impressions of the Square Mile as a sustainable city centre
  • Reinforces our organisational aims and values.

Our key areas of influence:

  • Our investment in cultural organisations and attractions
  • Innovation of public infrastructure
  • The curation of our engaging and innovative cultural programme
  • Our visitors, residents, communities, businesses and stakeholders


We recognise that every area of our operations carries an environmental impact which we are committed to reducing. We believe it is every stakeholder’s responsibility to be proactive in identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental impacts across our operational areas.

  • Outdoor events
  • Indoor events and exhibitions
  • Artistic production
  • Our cultural buildings
  • Marketing, communications and engagement
  • Our networks and partnerships
  • Procurement and supply chains
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Transport
  • Materials and products
  • Food and drink
  • Biodiversity and green spaces

Environmental Aims and Objectives

  • Leadership: We want to demonstrate to our commitment to environmental sustainability to the rest of London and beyond, becoming a leading sustainable example of a city borough culture team.
  • Engagement: We will ensure we communicate our environmental commitments and responsibilities to our staff, suppliers, partners and visitors, supporting them to act sustainably and creating opportunities to open a wider conversation about climate action and sustainability.
  • Practice: We are committed to embedding sustainable practice into everything we do, through our governance structures, strategy, policies, investment and procurement frameworks and operations.
  • Monitoring: We will closely monitor our environmental performance across all our key impact areas to understand how best to focus our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Reporting: We will report on our environmental data, trends and key impacts so that all stakeholders can own and act on our environmental performance.
  • Training: We will support our staff by providing environmental training and awareness to support environmental action.
  • Engagement: We will communicate our environmental expectations and support all commissioned artists and suppliers to practice sustainably via our policies, checklists and application processes.
  • Use our environmental monitoring data to find opportunities to continually reduce our impacts across all key impacts.
  • We will work closely with internal and external stakeholders to drive sustainable change in all areas of our work, finding opportunities to collaborate and support improvements.

How do these aims relate to corporate strategies?

Sustainability; social, economic and environmental, is the golden thread connecting our three organisational aims:

  • To contribute to a flourishing society. The City Corporation aims to ensure people are safe and feel safe, they enjoy good health and wellbeing, they have the opportunity to enrich their lives and reach their full potential and communities are cohesive and have the facilities they need.
  • To support a thriving economy. The City Corporation aims to work with trusted and socially responsible businesses as well as acting as a global hub of innovation in finance, professional services, commerce and culture.
  • To shape outstanding environments. The City Corporation aims to inspire excellence, creativity and collaboration, as well as maintaining a sustainable natural environment with resilient and well-maintained public spaces.

These aims set out our commitment to ensure sustainability and environmental awareness underpins our planning, decision making and practice.

The City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy commits to achieving:

  • Net zero by 2027 in the City Corporation’s operations
  • Net zero by 2040 across the City Corporation’s full value chain
  • Net zero by 2040 in the Square Mile
  • Climate resilience in our buildings, public spaces and infrastructure