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Nature Morte Late View

Nature Morte Late


Guildhall Art Gallery, EC2V 5AE

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  • 16 February 2018

  • ​£15 (plus booking fee) Includes all events plus exhibition entry

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Reject valentines and celebrate something we all have in common: life and death. Join Guildhall Art Gallery for a night of music, art, taxidermy, drawing, and cocktails and explore the themes of still life, inspired by exhibition Nature Morte. Tours will also take place giving you a chance to hear from the artists and curators themselves, whilst DJ Museum of Vinyl will provide the soundtrack to the night, with a playlist inspired by life and death. Still life cocktails will also be on offer. Alongside the main exhibition, enjoy a variety of events that complement the themes on display.

See the programme below: 

Discover ‘ethical’ taxidermy

  • 7pm & 8.15pm

Join a session with Jazmine Miles-Long, a taxidermist whose work respects the animal and focuses on the beauty of living things. You’ll learn about the techniques Jazmine uses to create her work, using props that show the process of taxidermy in different stages as well as skins, skulls, eyes and tools which visitors can handle. Jazmine will also look at romantic stories in taxidermy and taxidermists historically.

Memento Mori Still Life: Death Drawing workshop

  • 7pm-10pm

Express your humanity with London’s purveyors of death-positive creativity Art Macabre and create your own unique memento mori collage. Be inspired by a contemporary twist on traditional a still life, with objects from fruit and bones to symbols of modern life. Look death in the face and create and inspired design that reflects your own mortality.

Tea with Oscar Wilde

  • Three performances taking place through the evening

Enjoy a chat packed with comedy, music and audience participation brought to you by Don't Go Into The Cellar! Theatre Company - the British Empire's finest practitioners of top-notch Victorian entertainment. Join Oscar Wilde as he interviews a leading celebrity of the Victorian era, recounts a story or two and invites his audience to get ‘Caught in the Act’.

Flower pressing ‘make and take’ activity

  • Throughout the evening

Use your artistic skills to create a keepsake the explores the relationship between the passing of time and the traditional still life motif of flora.

Tote bag decorating ‘make and take’ activity

  • Throughout the evening

Decorate a tote bag that expresses your own thoughts on life, death and the transience of time using still-themed stencils and stamps.

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Ethical Taxidermy