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The Enchanted Interior

Event - Behind the Scenes of The Enchanted Interior - Curator Talk with Madeleine Kennedy

3 June 2020, 2pm

Curator of The Enchanted Interior Madeleine Kennedy shares behind-the-scenes insights into how the exhibition evolved: from a seedling idea over five years ago and the iconic artworks which inspired it, to the design of the exhibition within the gallery, and the heightened contemporary resonance of works by women artists that speak to resilience in the face of isolation.

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About the exhibition

13 March - 14 June 2020

The Enchanted Interior explores the recurring motif of female subjects in art, as depicted in enclosed, ornate interiors. Such images are inherently alluring yet sinister, carrying implications of enforced isolation. This theme is prevalent in nineteenth-century British painting, with many Pre-Raphaelites and Orientalists showing a fascination with the so-called ‘gilded cage’. Visitors encounter work by a breath-taking variety of artists from the high Victorian through to Art Nouveau, Aestheticism, Surrealism, and pieces by contemporary female artists, who ‘speak back’ to the historic tradition.

The exhibition features works by artists including Edward Burne-Jones, Evelyn De Morgan, James Abbot McNeill Whistler, Emma Sandys, Francesca Woodman, Fiona Tan, John William Waterhouse and Clementina Hawarden.

The Enchanted Interior is brought to Guildhall Art Gallery in partnership with Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, and features key works from these and other national collections. Paintings, furniture, photography, film, decorative objects, sculpture, and installation interweave throughout this major exhibition, which is dazzling to the eye and thought-provoking in equal measure.

The Enchanted Interior was developed and curated by the Laing Art Gallery and Madeleine Kennedy, and adapted by Guildhall Art Gallery.

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While our doors are closed, we hope that you enjoy exploring the exhibition through the image gallery and video tour below.

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20 September 2019
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02 June 2020