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Visitor Stratecy facts and figures

​The City is the birthplace of London – mother of a thriving metropolis and the place from which the London we know today once grew. As such, it’s been welcoming the world for nearly 2,000 years – from the Romans to the business visitors who jet in daily to be part of the global financial powerhouse that this small and distinct area of London has become.

Geographically, the City is well-placed. It sits at the heart of London, a short walk from the pizzazz of the West End, historic Southwark and the South Bank, and bordered by vibrant and colourful markets at Spitalfields and Brick Lane. Yet there’s little need to leave, for the City’s extraordinary past and enviable present mean that it is packed full of things to see and do, from heritage attractions and the iconic structures that house the financial and business institutions for which it’s known, to a top-class cultural programme boasting the Barbican amongst its providers.

Such a unique destination needs unique management and that’s where the Visitor Strategy (2MB) comes in.

Our Vision

The City of London is the destination of choice for the business traveller, event organiser and leisure seeker. Renowned for the warmth of its welcome and quality of its visitor offer, it is a place where culture, heritage and business collide to create a unique and compelling experience, seven-days-a-week.

As such, the City significantly contributes to London’s attractiveness as a place to be, and the visitor assets and services provided by the City of London Corporation – whether within or beyond the City itself – are recognised and valued by all as helping to deliver sustainable growth and jobs for London’s visitor sector, as well as helping to boost the UK’s financial recovery.

From this vision, we have developed five over-lapping strategic aims

  1. Product development: To develop and maintain a compelling offer for all our visitors, celebrating the City’s unique heritage and cultural output, especially through the delivery of the City’s Visitor Trail, its Cultural Hub and its art-on-street initiatives
  2. Marketing: To vigorously promote the City as a world-class, must-see destination to all potential audience groups, focussing on those of the highest economic or strategic value to the City and the City Corporation
  3. Experience: To deliver enhancements to the City’s physical environment that are of mutual benefit to all of our communities so ensuring harmony, and to develop the City’s welcome for visitor audience groups, be they tourists, business travellers, or workers and residents in pursuit of leisure
  4. Support: To provide valued services to our City stakeholders, neighbours, London and the nation in the field of tourism and to maximise on the opportunities to play our part in local, London-wide, national and international celebrations and events
  5. Recognition: To derive recognition for the City Corporation in the execution of its visitor services activities and to tell the story of the City Corporation through its assets, both within and outside of the City, promoting the connectivity between these as appropriate

The City has three well-recognised “products” to offer its visitors

Business excellence History and heritage 21st Century City
World-class financial facilities City ceremonial Arts, music and festivals
Business critical mass Museums and attractions Education and learning
Unique venues Libraries and archives Bars, restaurants and retail
Individual business activity ​Archaeology Cutting-edge public art
Hospitality, formal and informal Architecture, monuments and churches Innovative architecture