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City Music Foundation Concert Series

city music foundation students

From the soothing melodies of Chopin, to the fiery tones of Piazzolla, the City Music Foundation concert series presents spectacular music in intimate settings by talented and hard-working musicians. The CMF 2016 calendar of events (below) is set to be a superb show of some of the best loved music in the world with new and exciting music and musicians.

Dinara Klinton, Piano
14 Sep | 6-7pm | St Lawrence Jewry | £10 (includes refreshments)

Ukrainian born pianist Dinara Klinton and has recently completed the Artist Diploma in Performance course at the Royal College of Music.

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Andrey Lebedev, Guitar
12 Oct | 6pm | St Lawrence Jewry | £10 (includes refreshments)

Featuring music centred on a new commission from Australian composer and pianist, Joseph Havlat.

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Claire Iselin, Harp
9 Nov | 6pm | St Lawrence Jewry | £10 (includes refreshments)

Programme featuring works of classical, romantic and impressionistic works.

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04 February 2016
Last Modified:
06 October 2017