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London Games Festival Character Parade

​London Games Festival Character Parade

Please note this event has now ended.

  • Saturday 14 April | From 10.30am, parade from 12.30pm
  • FREE
  • Starts from Guildhall Yard, EC2V 5AE

Join Mario, Pac-Man, Lara Croft and a whole host of other iconic characters from video games for the second annual London Games Festival Games Character Parade. Kicking off from Guildhall Yard, heroes and villains will tour some of the City's best sites, finishing back in Guildhall Yard for a climatic on-stage masquerade, music and entertainment as well as family day activities and live games.

Parade festivities are open to everyone, and free, welcoming both video games-inspired cosplayers of all experience levels plus official mascots and characters. If you want to take part, free registration is required:
Terms & Conditions apply regarding costume content to ensure a safe and friendly public activity for all.

Interactive Zone

Throughout the day in Guildhall Yard and Guildhall Art Gallery, enjoy activities and workshops for all ages inspired by your favourite games.


  • 10.30am-3.30pm

All activities are FREE

Actual Reality Arcade lets you bring your favourite games to life - pilot a spaceship across the galaxy and shoot down aliens in the Space Invaders gallery, dodge Donkey Kong’s barrels, whack a mole, build with giant Tetris blocks, or attempt the Marble Madness run.

Don’t have a costume? Come early and make yourself a Superhero mask or Boxhead. Boxhead craft is simple idea that encourages children to happily abandon the console to craft and enjoy imaginative play, together or with the family. The boxheads mimic the iconic block characters from Minecraft. Perfect for children and the young at heart.

Join artists Supergirl, aka Samia Tossio, and Iron Man, aka Simon Honey, as they help game you up ready for the parade! They will provide the templates and materials you need to express your inner superhero, space invader or pac person using card or felt to make a mask, a cuff or a badge on a Games theme - the goods are all provided, all you need is a little imagination.

On the original Roman site of London games, meet a Gladiator! Head into the original Roman Amphitheatre and learn about life as a warrior, see a few sword tricks and play some of the Empire’s more civilised games.

Find out more here on Hoop.

The Games Character Parade is part of London Games Festival, a yearly celebration of games and interactive entertainment that attracts 50,000 visitors. The London Games Festival is supported by the Mayor of London and features over 40 events across the capital. LGF 2018 runs from 5 April to 15 April.

16 March 2017
Last Modified:
03 October 2018