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    sheep drive

29 September 2019

London Bridge

The Worshipful Company of Woolmen will be exercising their rights as Freemen of the City of London to drive their sheep across London Bridge; in aid of the Lord Mayor's Appeal and the Woolmen's Charitable Trust. The Company invite all Freemen of the City, their family, friends and members of the public to witness this unique tradition.

In medieval times, sheep farmers drove their sheep across London Bridge into the City to sell them at market. Freemen of the City were excused the bridge toll that was a required payment from those outside the City. The driving of sheep to the City markets stopped many years ago, but in recent years the tradition has been ceremonially re-introduced as a fundraising event, with a flock of sheep brought in especially for the event.

As well as the sheep, the event sees representatives of many of the livery companies in their regalia and people dressed up in sheep-related costumes - from Little Bo-Peep to shepherds from the Nativity story – with Freemen receiving a personal certificate signed by the Lord Mayor to confirm they have exercised their unique rights.

More information

Visit the Sheep Drive website for more information.