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August Events

fantastic feats
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  1. outline of people doing acrobatics 2 AUG - Skyline
    Using human pyramids, street dance and movements that mirror London’s skyline and symbolise the rise and growth of the city, this highly visual show by Mimbre’s Youth Company fills the City with the pounding hearts of its future inhabitants. Celebrate the stories of the people who built the capital and London’s history, diversity and future. Mimbre will be accompanied by the acrobatic brilliance of Acroujou’s playful and mischievous Elves, who will be springing and tumbling their way around the Square and performances from the rising stars of the National Centre for Circus Arts. When: 12noon – 2pm and 5pm – 6pm. Free. Aldgate Square EC3N 1AF
  2. the gherkin 12 - 16 AUG - Lunchtime Streets
    Escape the office and enjoy this five-day lunchtime take-over at St Mary’s Axe. The street will be transformed by theatre, circus, music, dance, games, sport and food. When: 12noon - 2pm Free St Mary’s Axe EC3A 8AA
  3. people watching an outdoor film 19 - 24 AUG - Fantastic Feats of Cinema
    invention, grab a deckchair and enjoy sci-fi and romcom classics as well as blockbusters old and new. Follow mankind into space, the past and the future, and return to dinosaurinhabited Isla Nublar. Find out if architect Tom Hansen and robots WALL-E and EVE find love and if maths can save a young man’s future. Food and drink will be available. Visit the webpage for times and films showing. Admission: £15 (including a deckchair). Guildhall Yard EC2V 5AE
Showing 3 results