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Fantastic Feats: the building of London

​31 May - 1 December 2019

Scale the heights of imagination and celebrate towering triumphs of architecture, invention and engineering with Fantastic Feats: the building of London.

This six-month long season of street theatre and circus, art, music, exhibitions, walks and tours is inspired by several important historical anniversaries, including the 200th birthdays of Sir Joseph Bazalgette (inventor of London’s sewer system) and Sir Horace Jones (architect and designer of Tower Bridge), 125 years since the completion of Tower Bridge and 150 years since Blackfriars Bridge and Holborn Viaduct opened.

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Fantastic Feats: the building of London is kindly sponsored by Cheapside Business Alliance.

  • Guildhall Art Gallery
    Architecture of London - Sunset and Cycle Track II by Julian Perry
    Architecture of London

    31 May - 1 Dec | See London's changing skyline through the eyes of artists

  • Fantastic Feats
    big fat poo bergers
    Big Fat Poo Bergers

    19 - 22 Sep. Play with water, smells, pipes and sewers, finishing with a ‘seweriffic’ spectacular.

  • Guildhall Art Gallery
    painting of busy scene at ludgate circus in 1863
    The London That Never Was

    Discover the most intriguing proposals and plans that never made it off the drawing board

  • Fantastic Feats
    illuminated river thames
    Illuminated River

    Summer 2019 - See the first four central London Bridges illuminated by Leo Villareal.

  • Fantastic Feats
    st paul's cathedral lit up at night
    Where Light Falls

    Inspired by original poetry, cutting-edge projections will illuminate St Paul's in honour of the men and women who risked their lives to save the Cathedral during WWII.

  • Fantastic Feats
    people on a walking tour
    Lords of All They Surveyed - Walking Tour

    Join a City Guide to discover incredible feats of architecture and construction and hear about City Surveyors past and present

  • Fantastic Feats
    thank you for having us
    September Events

    A comprehensive listing of all Fantastic Feats events happening in September.

  • Fantastic Feats
    where light falls
    October Events

    A comprehensive listing of all Fantastic Feats events happening in October.

  • Fantastic Feats
    artists impression of what Illuminated River will look like
    Ongoing Events

    Listings of events happening over more than one month of the Fantastic Feats programme.