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​Women take centre stage for an exhilarating evening of spectacular surprises.

Watch in awe as award-winning acrobats Upswing soar through the skies in an explosion of aerial gymnastics, Chinese pole and dance in a retelling of The Red Shoes story by Hans Christian Andersen. Joining them is world-class dance-circus company Motionhouse, whose exciting and energetic mix of dance and acrobatics takes place inside a giant moving cage.

An array of sideshows, pop-up performances and women-themed food and cocktails – with drinking greats
like the Margarita Atwood and Pankhurst Pina Colada headlining the menu – are sure to give a giddy twist to
this evening of dizzy and daring deeds. Those that fancy a go at testing their own limits are invited to drop in for free and speedy circus workshops at lunchtime on both days, from 12.30pm-1.30pm.

04 May 2018
Last Modified:
10 July 2018