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Women: Work and Power

Matchstick makers and musicians; brewers, bankers, bishops and Barbadian nurses. Women: Work & Power is a programme packed full of events and activities that lament or celebrate the unsung women that have shaped our history and helped define our national identity.

In 2018, anniversaries proliferate with the much-anticipated centenaries of votes for (some) women and the first-ever woman MP being elected; the NHS turns 70 and the first female bishop celebrates three years in post. In the City of London, a new Bishop of London, and the first ever woman to hold this role, is installed – The Right Reverend Dame Sarah Mullally.

It’s time to shout, to tell the stories of women who have led the vanguard in the struggle for gender equality
as well as those who have effected change simply through doing their jobs. With over 70 events, Women: Work & Power invites you unravel a sometimes surprising history, as we amplify voices never heard, and as we celebrate the extraordinary contribution of women to the world around us.

Checkout some of the highlights of the season (1MB).

City of Women

On 22 - 23 September 2018, composer Iain Chambers brought women from the City's past to life in an audio composition performed in Leadenhall Market by an all-women choir and soloists.

Take a look at the highlights of City of Women and see how Iain explored through sound women’s freedom of thought and religion, their right to work, to be independent financially and socially, and to vote and participate in public life.

  • Women: Work and Power
    Nursery Theatre
    Nursery Theatre

    Join a live improvised political campaign inspired by the audience and celebrating the centenary of the Representation of the People Act

  • Women: Work and Power
    November events
    November Events

    Full listing of events coming up in November as part of the Women: Work and Power season