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Date updated: 18/05/2022

Your rights

Under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004,  you can ask to see any environmental information which you think we may hold. You have no obligation, when making an enquiry, to state why you would like the information you are requesting, except with regard to that part of any information requested which is the personal information of someone else.

You do not have to make your enquiry in writing. You do, though, need to provide a name and address, if you are sending a written request, or  provide an email address, which is sufficient to act as an address.

Fees guidance PDF (144KB)
Date submitted: 10/01/20

If there is a charge to be made for providing the information we will do so in accordance with the City of London’s Fees Guidance,  issued in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations.

Response time

We are required to respond within 20 working days from the first working day after receiving your request. However, if we are waiting to receive your payment, the process could take longer.

In cases where the request proves to be complex, we are allowed to extend this time up to 40 working days.


It may be that we are unable to provide you with the information, because an exemption applies. When this is the case, we will comply with the requirements of the Environmental Information Regulations in how it applies these exemptions.

Further information

For more detailed information about the Environmental Information Regulations (including the exceptions within it), see the published guidance on the Information Commissioner's website. The Information Commissioner is appointed by the Crown and is the regulator responsible for ensuring that the Regulations are complied with.

Information about the Environmental Information Regulations can also be found on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) website. Defra is the Government Department responsible for “the essentials of life - food, air, land, water, people, animals and plants” in the UK. This includes overseeing the working of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Contact us

Information Officer
Comptroller and City Solicitor’s Department
City of London
PO Box 270 Guildhall
London EC2P 2EJ
020 7332 1243
Email Information Officer

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have managed your request under the Environmental Information Regulations, including any refusal by us to disclose information which you have requested, you can use our Environmental Information Regulations Complaints Procedure, which is available on our feedback​ page.