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Date updated: 12/04/2024

"To achieve our ambitions for a fantastic five years as set out in our Corporate Plan 2024 to 2029, we must create an inclusive, supportive City Corporation where every colleague thrives."

What is a People Strategy?

Developing a people strategy is about creating a coherent framework to ensure that all aspects of people management and development come together to create an organisational environment where employees can contribute their best work efforts. Combined individual and collective efforts lead to successful outcomes for the whole organisation.

The variety of work carried out by City Corporation’s employees is vast. Our staff work across seven corporate departments, three service departments and seven institutions. The people strategy framework demonstrates how we can support all of them as one corporation, while leaving space for leaders to tailor the strategy’s outputs to their people’s needs.

We will use this framework to guide us in how we set our employees up for success; how we support, challenge, and motivate our people; how we maintain and deliver our mission; and how we create an inclusive and equitable environment. This people strategy will be monitored, reviewed, and refreshed throughout its five-year life cycle.

Establishing a framework

Our People Strategy 2024-29 has been launched in parallel with our Corporate Plan to help us achieve this by establishing a framework for people-centred success.

Five themes

These five themes make up our people strategy, and through them we will create a culture that encourages excellent performance and embeds equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and health and safety in everything we do.

  1. My Contribution, My Reward – Ambition 25
  2. My Wellbeing and Belonging
  3. Trustworthy Leadership
  4. My Talent and Development
  5. Building Brilliant Basics
People strategy 2024-29 PDF (6MB)
Date submitted: 22/03/24