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Date updated: 26/09/2023

The City Bridge Foundation

The City Bridge Foundation is the grant-making arm of the Bridge House Estates whose sole trustee is the City of London Corporation. The charity owns and maintains five of London’s bridges including Tower Bridge and is London’s largest independent funder. 

In addition, the City Corporation is responsible for a number of grant-giving charities as well as making other grants available  to individuals and organisations.

Education grants

Students on higher education may be able to get loans to help with both tuition fees and living costs. Learn more about the types of loans available, if you eligible and how to apply.

The Emanuel Hospital

The charity was founded in 1600 under the Will of Lady Anne Dacre and the income of the charity is now applied for the relief of need of those who are resident or have been resident in Greater London. The charity is currently developing a strategic funding programme to support older people residing in London who are in need. Further details will be published in due course. For more information call 020 7332 3712 or email Central Grants Unit.

Samuel Wilson's Loan Trust

This Trust benefits people suffering financial hardship by granting loans to individuals, partnerships or limited companies recently set up or about to engage in any trade, manufacture, business or profession, or by investing in shares of companies engaging in such activities. For more information call 020 7332 1350 or email Central Grants Unit.

School Visits Fund

Established in 2015 the School Visits Fund provides the opportunity for schools to apply for grants to pay for school trips to the City Corporation’s cultural venues. Venues include the Barbican, the Museum of London and Tower Bridge. So far the Fund has had over 110 successful applications to cover travel costs from schools across London, benefitting more than 5,000 students. On average, schools applying for the fund have 50% of their students receiving pupil premium (the national average is 26%).

Sir William Coxen Trust Fund

This programme is no longer accepting new applications.

The charity was established under the Will of Sir William Coxen (1867-1946), a previous Lord Mayor. The income of the charity is applied for the benefit of, or to pay over to, all or any of the Orthopaedic Hospitals of England and other Hospitals or Charitable Institutions carrying on similar work, with a preference for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Great Portland Street). Consistent with the wishes of Sir William, the charity focuses its grant-making activities for, or for the prevention of, orthopaedic conditions in children up to the age of 14 years. The endowment produces approximately £100,000 per annum from which grants are made. On average, grants are awarded up to the value of £50,000.

From 2022, there will be two separate grant rounds per year. The current grant round closed 5pm on Friday 12th August.

For more information email Central Grants Unit.

(Registered Charity 206936)