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Date created: 6/18/2020

Resident safety is of paramount importance to the City Corporation.

We have an ongoing electrical safety programme where we routinely test and check our equipment including smoke alarms/CO detectors.

Fire Risk Assessments for the different blocks on the estate can be found under related links.

Advice from the London Fire Brigade

People living in high rise properties should:

  • have a working smoke alarm
  • make sure that know their escape plan
  • know what to do if there is a fire somewhere in the building

If a fire breaks out in your building, the London Fire Brigade advises that people are usually safer staying in their home, but that they should leave if fire or smoke is affecting their property and it is safe for them to do so.

Evacuation procedures

Standard notices are posted in each block explaining what to do. We are looking at the wording of these notices to ensure they are clear.

Fire escape routes

These are clearly signposted and emergency lighting is regularly checked. We do advise all households to make themselves familiar with fire escape routes. If you are unsure of yours, email the Barbican Estate Office. A member of staff will be happy to visit you at home and show you the route.

In case of fire in your property make sure you:

  • alert everyone in your property
  • leave, shutting all doors, without locking them
  • if possible, alert neighbouring properties
  • leave the building
  • call 999 and wait for the fire service to attend. If safe to do so, wait by the entrance of the building to meet the fire service and to prevent anyone else entering the building

The London Fire Brigade has specific advice for tenants in flats and fire safety at home guidance. Contact them directly for details.

Information and resources

Barbican Fire Safety Leaflet 2019 PDF (167KB)
Date submitted: 1/09/20
Fire Safety Protocol PDF (223KB)
Date submitted: 1/09/20
Barbican Emergency Services Points and Procedures PDF (242KB)
Date submitted: 12/20/19
Fire Safety FAQ - Barbican Estate PDF (236KB)
Date submitted: 1/09/20

Fire Safety frequently asked questions for the Barbican Estate.