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Date created: 6/18/2020

At the moment there are a number of major works projects underway, across the estate.

We hope to provide consistent communication, programming and delivery of these works in line with the original vision for the Barbican Estate and its listed requirements. Details of the current projects are listed below. 

Eton Environmental will be carrying out the annual inspection of the asbestos lining in locker cupboards and in communal areas across the Estate.

Residents will be informed of the locker cupboard inspections in advance, as the cupboards will need to be empty on the day of the survey on each floor.

The inspection will take no more than 10 minutes and will be carried out from outside of the property with no need to enter, at no time will the property be left unattended and the external door will be fully locked on completion.

Please note, procedures will be in place in line with COVID-19 legislation, surveyors will be wearing full protective equipment and maintain social distancing while the inspections are carried out.

If you have any queries or concerns whatsoever regarding the inspection, please do not hesitate to contact the project manager.

Annual Asbestos Inspection Timetable 2021



Car Parks

6 April

Seddon House

6 to 8 April

Bryer Court

7 & 8 April

Mountjoy House

8 & 9 April

Bunyan Court

9 to 13 April

Gilbert House

12 to 14 April

Cromwell Tower

13 to 20 April

Breton House

15 to 20 April

John Trundle Court

21 to 29 April

Lauderdale Tower

21 April to 29 April

Shakespeare Tower

28 April to 7 May

Willoughby House

30 April to 12 May

Speed House

10 to 21 May

Ben Johnson

13 to 26 May

Andrewes House

24 May to 10 June

Defoe House

27 May to 15 June

Thomas More House

11 to 29 June

The City of London Corporation are carrying out works to the cold water storage tanks across the Estate. The works are to replace or repair existing water storage and ancillary equipment associated with the supply of hot and cold water services.

Not all residents will be affected by the works and those affected should have already been informed in writing, outlining exact details of isolation times / cut off periods. 

If have any queries or concerns about any of this project, email the DCCS Major Works Team, or call on 0207 332 3427.

The schedule for the remaining properties is presently being revised.

Please note that the Legionella risk assessments were carried out across the estate. These risk assessments were carried out by RPS Consultants, and engineers worked at roof level accessing water tank plant rooms via ladders. 

Any further questions please email the Property Services Team or call on 0207 029 3915.

Stock Condition Surveys have been conducted on the Barbican Estate in 2020. 

Please email the Property Services Team if there are any queries.

Guideline Lift Services have completed the five-yearly electrical tests to the lifts across the Estate.

The fire signage project has stopped until further notice.

Please email the DCCS Major Works Team if you have any queries.