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Date updated: 12/03/2020
Temporary structures (such as marquees, stages, rigs etc) and permanent special structures (such as sculptures etc) may require a section 30 licence. Contact the District Surveyor on 020 7332 1000 to find out whether your structure needs a licence.

Special and temporary structures where they can be interacted with by members of the public, including those in public areas, should be in accordance with Part IV, Section 30 of the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939. To ensure the safety of the public these structures must meet standards in relation to structure, means of escape and fire. A Section 30 licence is required before special and temporary structures can be erected. To apply for a licence please send us a completed special and temporary structures application form. Our details are available on the Contact Building Control page.

Our charges for processing an application vary depending on the type and scale of the work involved. A charges schedule is included on the application form. If you have difficulty assessing the amount payable please contact us.

Special and temporary structures application form PDF (288KB)
Date submitted: 12/23/19

Special and temporary structures application form to be completed to apply for a section 30 license under the London Building Act 1939.

Special and temporary structures license guidance note PDF (154KB)
Date submitted: 12/23/19

Further information on the structures for which a section 30 license will be required and details on the process of applying for one. 

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