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NRS Healthcare data breach

Date updated: 21/05/2024

The City of London Corporation has been notified that NRS Healthcare, one of our suppliers of health and care products, has suffered a cyber-attack and personal data has been breached.

We are working with NRS Healthcare to understand the extent of the breach and will contact affected users directly if their information has been taken. We have also informed the Information Commissioners Office and will work with them on any further steps we need to take

Keeping safe

At this time it is not clear what personal data has been taken in this incident but we are asking residents

  • To be extra-cautious when opening emails
  • Don’t click on any links or documents unless you are sure they are genuine
  • Be especially careful about text messages, phone calls and home visits from people, especially those you are not expecting.

NRS Healthcare is one of the largest providers of aids to daily living, medical devices, therapy equipment, wheelchairs, continence products and Technology Enabled Care to adults and children who are social care clients and/or in receipt of healthcare services.

They have engaged IT and cyber security experts to investigate this incident and identify any information which may have been compromised.  They have already taken a number of steps to ensure the safety of their computer systems.

If this data breach has a negative impact on anyone in the City of London, we will contact them directly and will be putting in place full support for everyone involved.

If residents are concerned they can email our Adult Social Care Team or call 020 7332 1224

Further guidance and support