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Time Credits

Date updated: 11/04/2024
For full details on how time credits work, where you can earn and spend them, see the Tempo Time Credits website​
Tempo Time Credits

Tempo Time Credits

The City of London Time Credits are a way of thanking those who give their time to their local community.

They can be earned by anyone who contributes their time to the City of London community and spent on various activities, including swimming at Golden Lane Sport & Fitness, and also to hire CDs and DVDs at any of the City of London community libraries.

Time Credits can then be spent in places such as Lord's Cricket Ground, St Paul's and the Tower of London.

If you have any ideas for activities that you would like to see available to earn or spend credits at or you have skills you would like to share with your community please do get in touch with Tempo.

Digital Platform

Time Credits are now managed digitally to make earning and spending easier. View and redeem your credits for spending opportunities.

More information

We work in partnership with the charity We are Tempo to create a Time Credits Network for the City, helping to strengthen and build communities.