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Air quality business engagement

Date updated: 26/10/2020

Imagine a cleaner and healthier air City… The streets would be quieter and safer, workers would be healthier and happier, and there would be fewer sick days.

If you would like to help us make this happen, you can sign up to our CityAir programme by emailing CityAir.

Why Join?

  • Help your company achieve sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility targets
  • Save fuel and reduce emissions by cleaning up fleets / consolidating deliveries
  • Save costs and have healthier employees by encouraging more staff to use active travel to meetings by walking or cycling, rather than taking cabs
  • Have healthier employees and fewer sick days (by using our pollution exposure toolkit)

Businesses can benefit from

  • 1:1 support with assessing your emissions and looking at areas where you can take simple and effective actions to cut emissions in line with your business objectives.
  • Opportunities to promote your clean air initiatives through our case studies, workshops and toolkits.
  • Invites to workshops and networking events.

Make your employees proud and join us in our quest for clean and healthy air for the City.

So many businesses are joining and pledging to cut emissions. Will you join them?

For more information about the CityAir Business programme, emailing CityAir .

City Air Pledge

You can show your employees and competitors that you mean business by pledging to cut emissions and / or raise awareness in your business about air quality and health.

Some of the actions to reduce emissions include

  • Monitoring air quality (at your office or while travelling around the City using personal exposure monitors)
  • Supply chain management, reducing emissions associated with deliveries
  • Building management, reducing emissions associated with the building
  • Raising employee awareness about the impacts of pollution on health and how to reduce their exposure and be healthier.

You will be presented with an official City Air pledge certificate and poster which you can display in staff areas or business windows, to advertise your commitment to clean up the air in the Square Mile.