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Air Quality Strategy

Date updated: 27/02/2024

About the Air Quality Strategy

Air quality in the City of London has been improving but still breaches health targets. Poor air quality can harm human health and increase the incidence of cardiovascular and lung disease.

The City of London Corporation’s Air Quality Strategy outlines the steps we are taking to achieve better air quality in the Square Mile. Progress with actions in the Strategy are detailed in the annual Air Quality Reports together​ with long term air quality data.

The main aim of the Strategy is for over 90% of the Square Mile to meet the national air quality objectives for NO2 by 2025. This aim was first met in 2020 when 93% of the Square Mile had an annual mean NO2 concentration of less than 40ug/m3. This aim has continued to be met since 2020.

Area of exceedance 2022
2022 Modelled NO2 Annual Mean Concentrations

"“These plans will lead to a significant improvement in the Square Mile’s air quality. Londoners demand clean air. We are determined to ensure that the City Corporation continues to play a leading role in the UK’s drive to meet air quality standards. Our work is already having a positive effect, and we will continue to push for change, embracing new and ambitious approaches to tackling this health crisis.”"

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chair for the City of London Corporation
City of London Air Quality Strategy 2019-24 PDF (5MB)
Date submitted: 16/12/20

If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact the Air Quality team.

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