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Date updated: 15/12/2023

A warm welcome from our lending libraries

City Corporation Community Lending Libraries are offering a warm and friendly welcome to City residents this winter to help them escape the cold weather.

The Barbican Library, Artizan Street Library and Community Centre, and Shoe Lane Library have planned a series of events and activities for adults and children.

Children’s events, such as rhyme time and toys, adult tea and coffee chat sessions, mindful colouring, and games club, are all part of the schedule so everyone can enjoy what is on offer.

Residents can use free wifi, and the libraries are offering educational activities, such as free computer workshops, and advice on the cost of living, and reducing energy bills.

Pop into one of our lending libraries. Find them on the libraries web pages.

The Warm Welcome Space Campaign

A large number of warm spaces across the country and some here in the Square Mile can be found on the Warm Spaces map. You will be welcomed with a smile, offered refreshments and will be able to find information about other support options available.

Find a Warm Space