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Date updated: 17/08/2022

Benefit fraud is a criminal offence that occurs when somebody knowingly or dishonestly gets more benefit than they are entitled to, gives false information or misses out information on a claim.

It is against the law to give information which is not correct or not to tell us everything which is relevant to your claim. If you give false information you may be prosecuted.

Below are some examples of changes in circumstance that will affect your entitlement that you would need to inform the City of London Corporation about:

  • You are now living with a partner
  • Children have left home
  • You have started work, or about any other change in earnings
  • About any savings or not telling us the right amount
  • You have inherited money
  • You are going abroad, living abroad, or have changed address

If you have any information about anybody who may be claiming benefit that they are not entitled to, including housing benefit, please report it directly to the Department of Work & Pensions.