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Car Park details
Spaces​ 218
Motorcycle spaces​ 128 approx
Disabled bay​s 6
Height 2.08m or 6'10"
Booking/reservations​ No bookings or reservations
Discounts​ No discounts​
Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging bays half way along car park

BP Pulse network (Charges)


  • ​Monday to Friday 6am-7pm and Saturday 6am-1.30pm, £4.20 per hour or part thereof
  • At all other times and Bank and public holidays, £4.20 per visit
  • Motorcycles and bicycles - free in designated bays
  • Disabled badge holders - normal rates apply

When your parking period crosses a time band the different rates are added together.

For example, if you park from Saturday 11am-Sunday 11am you will pay:

  • Saturday 11am-1.30pm (2 hours and part of an hour) £12.60
  • The rest of Saturday​ ​£4.20
  • Part of Sunday ​£4.20
  • Total ​£21.00

Payment is by cash or card at the payment machine. Due to Covid-19 only card payments are accepted.

Season ticket

  • ​Commercial: Rate £2,200 per quarter
  • Residential: available only to City of London residents. Rate £250 per quarter or £800 per year

Apply for a season ticket by email to the Car Parks team. It takes about fourteen days to process an application.

Complaints should be sent to the Car Parks team.