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Parking enforcement

Date updated: 9/10/2023
Do not ignore the PCN. If you do not pay or challenge the parking ticket the penalty charge will increase.

The Bank Junction restrictions are in force, they have not been suspended.

Go to Bank Junction restrictions and penalties if you have received a Penalty Charge Notice for a contravention 52M in Cornhill, Lombard Street, Mansion House Street and Princes Street.

CCTV cameras are principally used to enforce moving traffic contraventions but can still be used for some parking contraventions.

Moving traffic contraventions include:

  • banned turns (e.g. no left/right turn)
  • no entry
  • yellow box junctions
  • no entry to pedestrian zone
  • illegal U-turns
  • blue arrow sign (e.g. keep to the left/right)
  • bus lane

CCTV PCNs will be sent by post and are supported by CCTV footage.

Viewing CCTV

Some recordings of contraventions enforced by CCTV are available to view in accordance with the CCTV code of practice.

There are signs warning motorists of the use of cameras for parking enforcement at every entrance point to the City. These signs comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.

CCTV maintenance

Calibration and maintenance records of the cameras used in CCTV enforcement are not held by the City of London Parking Ticket Office. The CCTV cameras are owned and maintained by the City of London Police. The equipment received certification from the Secretary of State in March 2009 and a copy of the authorisation is held with the Department for Transport.

Advice on enforcement and parking

020 7332 3910

Email: Square Mile Parking

Please note that our advisors are not authorised to make decisions on any challenges to Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) over the phone.

Enforcement and penalty charge notices

The City of London is responsible for the enforcement of parking and moving traffic regulations in the Square Mile. Enforcement is carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) on street and through the use of CCTV cameras. We also use information provided by the City of London Police.

Contact our enforcement team on 020 7332 3910 or email Square Mile Parking to report problems with parked vehicles.

Enforcement methods

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs)

Our contractor (Indigo) provides uniformed CEOs who carry out our parking enforcement services. Each officer has been trained to a high standard, and they are equipped with handheld computers and cameras.

CEOs are required to issue a parking ticket when they observe a vehicle committing a contravention. Once they have started issuing a ticket they are not permitted to stop.

Our contractor has quality indicators based on the British Parking Association. CEOs adhere to two Codes of Practice which have been agreed with London Councils for on street parking enforcement and the use of CCTV. Both are available on London Councils' website.

See a copy of the London Councils' Civil Enforcement Officers Handbook

Remote enforcement

CCTV enforcement is used for parking and moving traffic contraventions.

Police enforcement

A City of London police officer may observe a moving traffic contravention which they consider should be enforced. The police officer will prepare a witness statement which will be passed to the City of London for enforcement. A parking ticket will then be issued by post to the registered keeper of the vehicle. Photographs of the vehicle committing the contravention will not be available in these circumstances.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

If your vehicle is illegally parked you may be issued with a parking ticket for £130 or £80, depending on the severity of the contravention.

  • for CCTV contraventions, a 50% discount applies if it is paid within 21 days from the date of the penalty charge notice
  • for moving traffic contraventions (MTC), a 50% discount applies if it is paid within 14 days from the date of the
    penalty charge notice
  • any other parking tickets, a 50% discount applies if it is paid within 14 days

More information is provided in the document you receive.

You can pay, challenge or view evidence relating to your parking ticket on the penalty charge notice portal.