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Submit a planning application

Date updated: 23/03/2023
The planning officers are using a hybrid work model. We prefer to receive documents electronically. Planning applications should be submitted via the Planning Portal.
Contact the Planning team

A planning application should be submitted through the Planning Portal. We accept applications in paper format or electronically, that is by email or CD but prefer to receive them via the Planning Portal. 

The Planning Portal has a What it costs guide and a fee calculator.

Application forms, guidance notes and validation checklists

Go to the what to submit on the Planning Portal for the relevant planning application form and listed building consent form, if applicable and guidance notes.

Refer to Planning application requirements and Application forms and checklists to ensure you submit the correct documents.

Submit a planning application other than via the Planning Portal

Contact the Planning Team using the General Enquiries tab, for information on the documents and format the City Corporation require for a valid planning application.

Submission of a viability appraisal

The City of London Local Plan requires the submission of a viability appraisal in support of a planning application in a number of circumstances, principally in relation to the provision of affordable housing or the loss of existing office floorspace.

The City of London Corporation considers that information submitted as part of, or in support of a viability appraisal, should be available for public inspection alongside other planning application documents and should be prepared on the basis that it will be publicly available.

The City Corporation recognises that, in limited circumstances, an exemption from public disclosure may be appropriate. In considering a request for an exemption the City Corporation will need to be satisfied that the public interest in maintaining an exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information. Where exemption is agreed, the City Corporation will expect the applicant to provide summary information, or redacted information, in a form that can be disclosed.

Paying for a planning application

Pay via the Planning Portal or use the online payment form. You will need either the Planning Portal reference number or the application reference number, shown on the acknowledgement letter that you receive from the City Corporation. If you want to use BACS call 020 7332 1710 or contact the Planning Team using the Planning Fees tab, for BACS details.

General data protection regulations 2018 privacy notice

The City Corporation is a data controller, and processes the personal data you provide, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. Read the privacy notice here. Questions should be directed to the Information Compliance Team.