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Motorcycle and scooter safety

Date updated: 8/04/2024

The City of London has one of the highest densities of road users at peak times and the streets can be crowded. The third most vulnerable road users in the City, after pedestrians and cyclists are powered two wheel riders. We take motorcycle safety seriously and are committed to ensuring motorcyclists stay safe on our streets.


Use the motorcycle bay map to find motorcycle parking.

Find out more about off-street and on-street in the Square Mile and advice on enforcement at motorcycles .


You can find out more on the different types of training available on the Transport for London website. These include and are not limited to: 

  • 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills a skills program taught by police motorcyclists to encourage safely and more confidently
  • DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme checks your motorcycle riding skills and provides training to help you improve
  • Biker Down! Is an aid training course for riders, should they come across a motorcycle collision. It is delivered by fire and ambulance responders at fire stations across London

The 20 mph speed limit aims to reduce some of the dangers from larger vehicles on the streets. However, riders need to understand their own vulnerability and be aware of potential risks and risky behaviours.

The Transport for London and the Motorcycle Industry Association offer more advice regarding the law, licensing, and insurance for riding in London.