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Winter maintenance

Date created: 6/08/2020
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Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for winter maintenance on Red Routes . Go to the winter service page on the TfL website for more information including a City of London resilience network map.

Stay up to date

We receive regular weather reports which we use to inform our operational response and decide which priority level will be actioned.

In the event of freezing conditions or snowfall the Cleansing Service ensures the  safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians within the City.

To find out which roads and pavements are gritted and cleared, see our interactive maps in each Priority Stage.

Note: During such periods street sweeping and litter collection is suspended.

When ice or snowfall is predicted we action the precautionary treatment of key roads in the Square Mile. This includes bus routes and cycle lanes on main through routes, the roads around St Bartholomew's Hospital and those adjacent to police and fire stations.  Stage 1 Priority 1 roads (precautionary) route.

We clear pavements adjacent to hospitals, police and fire stations, train stations, bus stops, schools, nurseries, the Guildhall and steps leading to high walks and over walks. Stage 2  Priority 1 pavements route.

Note: bus stops are not shown on this map but are cleared.

We treat roads on secondary routes  roads  Stage 3 Priority 2 roads route.

A two metre pathway on one side of the street along main roads, including crossings, will be cleared of snow and salted. Stage 4 Priority 2 pavements route.

Note: this map does not show which side of the street are cleared.

A two metre pathway is cleared and salted as at Stage 4 on the second side of main streets and one side of secondary streets.

The remaining streets are cleared, followed by the full clearance of pavements of main streets, followed by the full clearance of all pavements and litter removal and the removal of all residual snow and ice.

If you would like to clear snow and ice or salt any pavements yourself, there is advice on GOV.UK website.

For a copy of the Winter Service Operational Plan, please call the Contact Centre on 020 7606 3030 or contact the Street Cleansing team.