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Date updated: 11/01/2023

Clear recycling sacks are provided to City of London residents and are delivered every six months.

They are also available from City Estate Offices, Shoe Lane Library, Barbican Library and Artizan Street Library.

Remember to empty and rinse all food containers, drinks bottles, foil etc as food can contaminate the sack content, so it cannot be recycled.

What can go into the recycling sack?


All kinds of paper can be recycled (except for tissues, kitchen roll, dirty or wet paper)

  • office paper
  • coloured paper
  • newspaper and magazines
  • envelopes (plastic windows are ok)
  • Yellow Pages


  • cardboard boxes and packaging
  • egg boxes
  • cartons
  • juice and milk cartons (please rinse)

Plastic bottles

  • bottles of all types including:
  • drink and milk bottles (please rinse)
  • shampoo and detergent bottles (please rinse)
  • cleaning product bottles

Plastic containers and other plastic

Please rinse these to remove the majority of food residue

  • food trays
  • yoghurt pots 
  • margarine containers 
  • plastic bottle tops

Household metal packaging

  • food and drinks cans, both aluminium and steel (please rinse)
  • empty aerosol cans
  • metal bottle tops and jars lids
  • aluminium foil and food trays (please rinse)
  • metal biscuit or sweet tins


  • glass bottles and jars (please rinse)​

What CANNOT put in the clear recycling sack

These go in the rubbish bag:

  • crisp packets
  • tissues/kitchen roll
  • food waste
  • polystyrene
  • cling film
  • plastic wrap e.g. bread bags, salad bags, wrapping from vegetables
  • textiles
  • nappies
  • black bags
  • ceramics
  • other types of glass such as wine glasses

Confused by recycling symbols?

Identify how different types of packaging can be recycled at recyclenow

Need more sacks?

To order more sacks between deliveries, call our Contact Centre on 020 7606 3110 and choose Option Two and ask for some household recycling sacks. Barbican residents should ask their cleaner for more sacks.