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The City of London Corporation supports humanitarian aid in Ukraine

The City of London Corporation and the Financial Conduct Authority have collaborated on a Digital Sandbox, a novel platform and the first of its kind in Europe. It provides access to features such as synthetic data, an API marketplace, a digital testing environment, and a collaboration platform to support innovation and address challenges in tech development and adoption.

The Digital Sandbox is listed in the Kalifa Review of UK Fintech and forms part of the recommendation to create a scale-box that supports technology development and adoption. It is also a key part of the Chancellors wider plan for UK financial services. Our sustainability cohort will contribute towards creating a greener financial sector and aiding the transition to Net Zero. And, it has added value in supporting the innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technologies in financial services.

Through this project, the City Corporation is strengthening the competitiveness of our financial and professional services. We are improving the attitude towards innovation, and increasing the capacities and capabilities needed to maintain the UK’s status as a global, innovative hub.

The City Corporation and the FCA continue to collaborate and are now moving into phase two of the project. To register for updates visit the Digital Sandbox Pilot website.