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Date updated: 4/06/2024

The Women Pivoting to Digital Taskforce brings together business, government, third sector, and industry groups to bring more attention to, and action around supporting women from non-technical backgrounds to pivot to digital roles.

Starting in April 2024, this Taskforce will run for two years and will focus on supporting women with five years or more, non-technical workforce experience transition into a digital career.

In almost every specialist digital role across all sectors of the economy, women are significantly underrepresented. There will be 1 woman for every 128 tech roles by 2025, according to the Tech Talent Charter and Code First Girls' Diversity in Tech report.

In the artificial intelligence and data science fields in particular, less than 25% of employees are women, according to the Alan Turing Institute. Additionally, women are more likely to be in lower wage and less technical roles compared to men. While there are ethical issues, this also creates wider societal issues.

The aim of the Taskforce is to address the underrepresentation of women working in digital careers by providing them with vital skills to future proof the digital workforce.

To find out more information, email the Women Pivoting to Digital team