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Date updated: 11/04/2024

The SBREC membership gives small businesses across the UK remote access to a wide range of invaluable business information, including company contacts and market research. 
This information can support the success of your business!

Keep your competitive edge through Market Research
Market research helps you identify key trends in your industry and identify potential markets for growth. It is the best way to keep up with market trends, changes in relevant legislation and new innovations.

A membership with us will give you access to detailed, reliable business data, from anywhere in the UK.

Membership is for personal use only, and for UK residents aged 16 and over.

Membership details

Having a paid membership will give you access to our premium data

Our membership contract runs for 12 months from the date of purchase.

One annual payment of £189*

Your membership will offer you full access to the following databases:

- Find companies by industry, location and size.
- Up to 20 years financial data.
- Over 5.3 million active companies in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Global Trade Tracker:
Detailed commodity trade statistics (value, volume, price).
- Over 110 countries with monthly and yearly data from 2002 to date.
- Uses the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).

Industry overviews, key success factors and cost benchmarking. Great for business start-ups and growth.
- UK, USA, China, Australia and Global industry reports.
- iExpert Summaries include Q&As on industries.

- Worldwide market research with analysis and trends.
- Leading company profiles, including SWOT analyses.
- Country profile reports and market statistical data.

Business Source Premier:
Full text articles for more than 2,300 journals.

Business start-up information:
- Profiles for over 300 industry sectors, including market data.
- Factsheets for guidance on writing a business plan, finding finance, marketing.

European Newsstream:
Current European news with archives back to the 1990s.
- Over 430 sources with full-text articles from newspapers, newswires and journals.

Exporters Almanac:
Exporting information: supply chain solutions, trade finance sources, logistics, insurance, Tariff information, business networks, company directories, country profiles.


- Worldwide performance indexes and forecasts for consumer markets and industry sectors, including digital markets.
- Demographics, economics and other statistics via the infographics tab.

Other benefits:

Weekly newsletter.
Free wifi at the Centre

With Free access membership you will only have remote access to four databases, giving you a taste of our remote resources

  • Business Source Premier
  • Cobra
  • European Newsstream
  • Exporters Almanac

This membership is ideal anyone thinking of starting a business as the Cobra database is a great starting point for your research.

You will also need an Access Membership to use all the resources available within our physical space.

Become a free access member

Compare SBREC membership options
Database Subscription Free
Business Source Premier Yes Yes
Cobra Yes Yes
European Newsstream Yes Yes
Exporters Almanac Yes Yes
Fame Yes n/a
Global Trade Tracker Yes n/a
IBISWorld Yes n/a
Global Data Yes n/a
Statista Yes n/a

Your card will become active the first time you use it.

Processing your application

Your Membership ID will be emailed to you, please allow two working days to process your application.

Renew your membership
Your contract will renew automatically at the end of the 12 months. For more details please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions. Alternatively, you can email us.

Cancel your membership
You have the right to cancel your membership within 30 days of subscribing, on the condition that you have not used any benefits, including access to the databases remotely. You will be charged an administration fee for cancellation.

Your contact details
When you subscribe to any of our memberships, free or paid, you must provide us with complete and accurate contact information. Some of the database providers will require your email address and your membership number to enable you to have access to their database. This is the only time they will use your email address and will not pass it on to any 3rd party. They are all GDPR compliant.

Downloading data

You can download data from most of the remote access databases, but it must be within the Copyright Law.

Itemised copyright limits:

  • Fame, a list of 100 companies per day or five full reports
  • Global Data, 5% per report; COBRA, 5% per report
  • European Newsstream / Business Source Premier, 1 article or 10% of an issue whichever is the smallest amount
  • IBISWorld, 5% per report

Legislation advice is available on the Copyright Licensing Agency website.

If you quote from a database - for a business plan - you must cite the source.

All data that is downloaded or printed is for personal use only. You must not sell or share the data. If you sell or share the data, your subscription will be cancelled without any refund.

SBREC membership terms and conditions PDF (218KB)
Date submitted: 6/03/23

Did you know?
We offer small business support webinars, we can help you understand the data available in more depth through our market research sessions. 
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