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Date updated: 8/07/2022

The City Office in Brussels organises in-person and online events, covering a variety of subjects such as green finance, the UK-EU relationship, capital markets, and data regulation.

Past events

  • A new vision for EU capital markets: Brexit, CMU and strategic autonomy

    The Capital Markets Union project is one of the most important initiatives put forward by the European Commission in financial services and will be essential in helping to finance many of the key challenges faced today in Europe, such as digitisation, pensions, and decarbonisation. The discussion focuses on how the EU can build deeper pools of capital, the Member States are responding, and the key issue of financial education and literacy.

  • Moving forward from COP26 – what’s next for the financial services sector in 2022

    Post COP26, and with the new Glasgow pledges for 2030, there is a clear consensus that all participants within the finance landscape have a role to play. The discussion focuses on Green Finance, Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) and the crucial role of both the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) and the International Sustainable Standards Board (ISSB).

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at this time. 


  • EU and UK approaches to carbon pricing
    A discussion paper that investigates global climate ambitions and carbon pricing instruments. As the EU and UK’s almost identical emission trading systems run in parallel and remain unlinked, industries are exposed to additional compliance costs. Comprehensive international collaboration is required to ensure the creation of an equal level-playing field across multiple jurisdictions.