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The Roman Fort of Londinium (City of London, England) was built north-west of the main population settlement around AD110-120.

It covered 12 acres and was square in size, 200m along each length. The fort was built at around the same time as Hadrian’s Wall, was three times the size and could house up to 1000 soldiers.

However, a century later the site was decommissioned and buildings dismantled as the military situation in the southern edge of Britannia had become more secure.

Today, the forts northern and western edges still remain visible as part of the Barbican and Museum of London complex. Roman Fort Ruins can be found on Noble Street and the Roman Fort Gate along London Wall.

The rest of the remains can be seen via a Museum of London Tour. Specifically look out for the remains closest to the car park door. Here you will be able to see where the later (AD200) London city wall was built into the original fort wall.