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Gresham College has provided free public lectures for over 400 years.

With over 100 free lectures each year, London's oldest Higher Education Institution offers lectures and a number of events on a wide range of subjects, including art, architecture, literature, business, history (especially London), IT, law, mathematics, science, music and religion.

Explore their online collection of lectures which includes more than 3000 videos, featuring over 1200 speakers dissecting hundreds of topics and visit their website for more information about upcoming events.

Recent lectures are now also available on British Airways' transatlantic flights. Talks by Professors Sarah Hart, Leslie Thomas KC, Ronald Hutton, Robin May, plus others, are now viewable as part of the on-board entertainment. 

The College, founded in 1597, is an independent institution, with the Lord Mayor as its President. The City of London Corporation supports Gresham College as Trustees of the Will of Sir Thomas Gresham.