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Explore the 1000-year history of London’s iconic castle and World Heritage Site, also the home of the world-renowned Crown Jewels.  Yeoman Wardens or 'Beefeaters' will take you on a guided tour, and you'll also have the chance to meet the ravens!

In 1070 William the Conqueror built a mighty stone tower at the centre of his London fortress. Nearly 1000 years later, the Tower still has the capacity to fascinate and horrify. 

The Yeoman Wardens, popularly known as ‘Beefeaters’, will take you on a tour of the Tower, where you’ll hear stories about ghosts as well as the terrible tales of torture and execution, including famous occupants such as Anne Boleyn. You’ll also learn about the wide array of institutions previously located here including the Royal Mint, the Royal Armouries and even a zoo.

The Tower of London also hosts the Ceremony of the Keys, considered to be one of the oldest military ceremonies in the world, and other traditional live events. 

We recommend you visit the attraction website before visiting for full details, opening times and booking information.

Venue hire

Nearly 1,000 years of siege, ceremony, triumphs, tears, blood and even bears help create the remarkable atmosphere your guests will experience within these stone walls.

One of London's most impressive landmarks can be hired in part or fully, for conferences, meetings, private tours, large scale events, dinners and receptions.

A sign for the Crown Jewels at Tower of London