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Date updated: 18/05/2022

The Burnham Beeches byelaws help us protect the site and its users. They are easy to follow and most of them involve respecting the sites and other people using it. They are however just like normal laws: if you break them you can be prosecuted.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the byelaws. If you think that anything you plan on doing might break a byelaw, please familiarise yourself with what they cover or contact us to check.
Burnham Beeches byelaws PDF (50KB)
Date submitted: 14/01/20

Key activities not permitted under the byelaws

  • Cutting or digging up any plants or trees or removing any branches, logs or soil.
  • Dumping of any rubbish or plants or releasing any animal onto the site.
  • The lighting of fires of any kind (including BBQs)
  • Carrying firearms, shooting, hunting or worrying any wildlife or livestock.
  • Bringing any dog onto the site that is not under effective control and/or allowing it to chase, injure or worry wildlife or livestock.
  • Preventing a Ranger from carrying out their duties.
  • Doing anything that may cause harm to any person or property on the site.
  • Disrupting other visitors’ enjoyment of the site.
  • Driving a vehicle or riding cycles or horses anywhere other than on the tarmac roads and parking areas.
  • Making any improper or offensive use of the site.
  • Any trading or organised activity without a licence.
  • Any camping anywhere on the site.

Public Spaces Protection Orders relating to dog walking are also in place at the Beeches.