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Date updated: 12/03/2024
Open riding closes in mid-November and will resume in Spring 2024.

The Forest is a great place to ride and has 284km of paths and 8000 acres for you to explore with your horse.

Find out more about riding in the Forest


You do need a licence to ride in Epping Forest and you can be fined if you ride without one. We have daily, weekly and annual licences that you can apply for below.

Horse riding licence fees (from April 2024)
Licence Fee
Annual adult individual or joint licence £70.08
Annual junior individual or joint licence £34.26
Annual riding school licence (per horse) £87.52
Daily licence £6.13
Weekly licence £8.76

Apply for a licence-terms and conditions

  • You can't ride legally until you have your licence disc
  • The licence disc is to be displayed on the left-hand side of the horse’s bridle. If you would prefer, the disc may be displayed on the saddle by ticking the box on the application form. Failure to display the valid disc is a breach of the law and may lead to prosecution. 
  • If you lose your disc, you can contact us and get a replacement for £10
  • Our annual licences run from 1 April until 31 March each year
    • They get cheaper through the year as it gets closer to 31 March
    • You can share an annual licence with other riders if you all ride the same horse
    • Our junior licence rate is for under 16s only

To apply complete the relevant application form and then bring it, with the appropriate fee, to Chingford Golf Course, Bury Road, Chingford, London, E4 7QJ.  Applicants can also apply online or by email. 

If applying in person we can give you your licence straight away. The Sports Reception is open from 7am – 6pm through summer and 8am – 3pm through winter.

If you need any help with your application, email Epping Forest or call 020 8529 2085.

New applicants can also apply online or by e-mail. Renewals can be made in person at Chingford Golf Course, by post, online or by e-mail. For postal applications an administration & postal fee of £3.95 is due, in addition to the licence fee. For postal applications please allow at least 5 days before you wish to ride for the licence to be issued and posted to you. Your licence to ride in the Forest is not valid until you have received a disc and it is displayed as prescribed by the regulations.

CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION: In the event that an annual registration is cancelled a refund may be applied for which will be calculated on the cost of the equivalent weekly registration for the period the licence has been held. If any monies are due a refund will be issued.

OTHER POINTS: A copy of the Horse Riding Regulations is available for inspection at Chingford Golf Course Please note that failure to comply with the rules of the scheme may lead to prosecution with a maximum fine of £200 plus costs

Daily or weekly horse-riding licence PDF (203KB)
Date submitted: 27/11/19
Annual individual or joint horse-riding licence PDF (183KB)
Date submitted: 12/04/23
Annual School Horse riding permit PDF (90KB)
Date submitted: 12/04/23