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Date updated: 18/05/2022
Please note that we require at least 1 month of notice for applications for Forest School licences to be considered.

Epping Forest is a fantastic venue for a Forest School, with 8000 acres and all sorts of habitats to explore and learn in.


A licence is required to host a Forest School in Epping Forest.

Why we require licences

Licensing is part of how we regulate activities to make sure the Forest's conservation needs are considered, as well as the needs of visitors, nearby residents and other stakeholders. The process also ensures that activities meet our health and safety requirements and other standards we're held to as an organisation. Thank you for your understanding.


To host a Forest School, you'll need to pay:

  • a £25.50 flat administration fee for your application
  • and 5% of any fees you charge your pupils

Applying for a licence

Apply for your licence by completing the application form and email it to Epping Forest. If you have any questions call on 020 8532 1010.

General Licence Application PDF (136KB)
Date submitted: 29/11/19

Guidelines for your application

To make sure your licence application is nice and easy, please make sure you:

  • make it clear whether you're wanting to do an informal outdoor learning event or a formal session run to Forest School Association best practice guidelines
  • be clear about where in the Forest you want to run your session
  • make sure you include all of these documents with your application
    • your Public Liability Insurance
    • risk assessments for the specific location being used
    • risk assessments covering first aid and safeguarding
    • details on how many practitioners and how many pupils you'll have
    • evidence of a Level 3 or above accredited qualification
    • a site plan for the area you plan to use