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Date updated: 3/05/2021

Epping Forest is one of very few large, ancient forests in this part of Britain and has lots of rare or important habitats like ancient semi-natural woodland, wood-pasture, old grassland plains, heathlands, and wetlands.

Each of these habitats is home to different trees, wildlife and even fungi, which together make up a rich mosaic of nature. This also means that each area has very different needs which we carefully manage to make sure they're here and healthy for future generations.

The Epping Forest Act 1878

The Epping Forest Act was written when the City of London Corporation first became Conservators of the Forest and underpins how we manage it.

Epping Forest Act 1878 PDF (273KB)
Date submitted: 11/26/20

Read the original Epping Forest Act, written into law in 1878, which helps us manage the Forest.

Epping Forest's management strategy

Epping Forest is managed according to a carefully written plan which we call our management strategy. You can read more about how we manage the Forest in our Management Strategy document below.

Epping Forest Management Strategy PDF (3MB)
Date submitted: 2/01/21

Deer management and proposed strategy

The City of London Corporation is proposing a new strategy for managing the deer population of Epping Forest. You can read more about this in our Deer Management and Proposed Strategy below.

Epping Forest Deer Management and Proposed Strategy PDF (138KB)
Date submitted: 3/05/21