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Date updated: 18/05/2022

Join us for a fun, inspiring outdoor learning experience. Connect with nature and ignite curiosity with our hands-on learning sessions.

From exploring Tudor buildings or habitats to orienteering and eco-art, we have lots of unforgettable sessions to offer - each designed to help children explore and discover nature and to support learning in schools.


If you have any questions you'd like answers to before you book, please call the Learning Team on 020 8529 6607 or email the Learning Team.

Session Price
State school session £99 per session
Independent school session £129 per session


KS1 school programmes

Take a step back in time and explore Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge with a member of the Epping Learning team. Find out what life was like in the Tudor times and look out across Epping Forest where you can almost hear the legendary Tudor hunts the building was built to host. You’ll investigate Tudor food, try on some Tudor fashion and learn about social hierarchy.

Activities include:

  • Tour of building
  • Handling artefacts
  • Tudor clothing

Take a step back in time at Epping Forest with a member of the Epping Learning team. Examine some Stone Age objects to set the scene before journeying to our outdoor classroom. On the way, become immersed in history as you identify animal tracks and imagine having to hunt and gather food. Build shelters to keep warm and dry and make Stone Age art to take away with you.

Activities include:

  • Artefact handling
  • Animal tracking
  • Shelter building
  • Stone age art

Get creative at Epping Forest and make nature-inspired art with a member of the Epping Learning team. Take a look at examples of eco-art as a group and discuss the textures, patterns and colours that can be seen. Children will have the opportunity to try their hand at activities such as creating nature mosaics, sculpting and Hapa Zome, the art of Japanese leaf bashing.

Activities include:

  • Nature mosaics
  • Clay sculpting
  • Hapa Zome (Japanese leaf bashing)

Discover the wonder of the changing seasons at Epping Forest. A member of the Epping Learning team will help you spot signs of the season as you use a map to navigate your way to our outdoor classroom. Once there, make a natural sculpture and have a go at creating your own map that leads to your masterpiece!

Activities include:

  • Map reading
  • Identifying landmarks
  • Creating a natural sculpture
  • Map drawing

Become plant detectives as you explore Epping Forest with a member of the Epping Learning team. Through a number of fun games, children will learn about different parts of plants, what plants need to grow and can practice identifying trees in the forest. Where better to learn all about plants than a place where you will be surrounded by them?

Activities include:

  • Plants “needs” game
  • Parts of the plant activity
  • Plant identification