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Date updated: 21/11/2022
Cycling isn't allowed on some of our paths. Keep an eye out for 'no cycling' signs and please listen to them. You can be fined if you cycle on a 'no cycling' path. You can find a map of our cycle paths below.

Cycling on Hampstead Heath

Cycling is a great way to get around, keep fit and see the Heath. However, there are a few little rules you should follow while you're cycling on the Heath. Please make sure that you:

  • don't cycle on 'no cycling paths'
  • don't go faster than 12mph
  • slow down around pedestrians
  • give way to pedestrians at all times
  • take care to alert other users if you're coming up from behind them
  • stop when asked to by a member of staff or our Constabulary

You can be fined for breaking some of these rules, so please take care.

Hampstead Heath Map PDF (1MB)
Date submitted: 5/12/19