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Date updated: 21/11/2022

Managing Hampstead Heath is all about finding a balance between the enjoyment of visitors and the conservation of the Heath. As well as finding a balance between the varied, and sometimes contradictory, needs of different user groups, activities, experiences and impacts.

Meeting this challenge is not about changing everything we do. It is about building on the good work of the past ten years and about working together to achieve our goals. This ten-year Strategy for Hampstead Heath will guide us through this important work.

The Heath Vision

The Heath Vision sets out shared community aspirations for the Heath 50 years into the future, expressed in four broad themes:

  • We protect and conserve the Heath
  • The Heath enriches lives
  • The Heath is inclusive and welcoming
  • Together we care for the Heath
Hampstead Heath Management Strategy 2018-28 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 9/01/20

The purpose of this Strategy is to ensure the aspirations of the Heath Vision are embedded in our work at all levels. This Strategy is at the forefront of a new Management Framework designed to ensure effective prioritisation, implementation, learning and continuous improvement.