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Date updated: 4/22/2021

Join us for a fun, inspiring outdoor learning experience. Connect with nature and ignite curiosity with our hands-on learning sessions.

From pond dipping and exploring habitats to orienteering and eco-art, we have lots of unforgettable sessions to offer - each designed to help children explore and discover nature and to support learning in schools.


If you have any questions you'd like answers to before you book, please call the Learning Team on 020 7482 7073 or email the Learning Team.

Session Price
State school session £99 per session
Independent school session £129 per session

Booking and funding support 

KS1 school programmes

Pond-dip and bug hunt in our hands on session. Discover which creatures choose to live in our dedicated teaching gardens. Learn fun facts from our knowledgeable Education team and play a game to remind yourselves of the different habitats found on Hampstead Heath.

Activities include:

  • Pond Dipping
  • Bug Hunt
  • Habitat Game

Discover common plants with our hands-on scavenger hunt. Learn the different parts of a plant through games and role play. Create your own plant based artwork to bring back with you to school.

Activities Include:

  • Plant/Leaves Scavenger Hunt
  • Needs of Life Game
  • Create a plant Artwork

Get creative at Hampstead Heath and make nature-inspired art with a member of the Hampstead Learning team. Take a look at examples of eco-art as a group and discuss the textures, patterns and colours that can be seen. Children will have the opportunity to try their hand at activities such as creating nature mosaics, sculpting and Hapa Zome, the art of Japanese leaf bashing.

Activities include:

  • Nature mosaics
  • Clay sculpting
  • Hapa Zome (Japanese leaf bashing)

Explore Hampstead Heath with our seasonal scavenger hunt, can you find all the signs of the season? Build a habitat for our animal friends to live in and play games to reinforce your knowledge of the different seasons.

Activities include:


  • Spring Scavenger Hunt
  • Make a nest for the birds
  • Learn some simple bird songs


  • We recommend our popular ‘Bugliest Bug’ session in the summer. Just mention you would like us to mention Seasons.


  • Autumn Scavenger Hunt
  • Autumn Food hunting game
  • Make a colours of Autumn Crown


  • Winter Story
  • Animal Tracks Challenge
  • Making a mini shelter for the animals.

Use a map to explore our teaching gardens. Once you have learnt how to use landmarks and keys to find your way around, take part in our treasure hunt challenge. Can you use a treasure map?

Activities include:

  • Compass game
  • Landmark Scavenger Hunt
  • Treasure Maps/Hunt

Find yourself stranded in our beautiful teaching garden. How are you going to survive the night? Complete our hands on challenges to test yourself and your group. Build a shelter and start a fire before night falls (or it’s time to go back to school)

Activities include:

  • Fire Lighting
  • Shelter Building
  • Foraging