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Date updated: 21/11/2022

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Join us for a fun and inspiring outdoor learning experience!

Connect with nature and ignite curiosity with our hands-on learning sessions lead by our Learning Officer. From inspiration for creative nature art in the wildlife gardens to dynamic history lessons on the playing fields, West Ham Park offers an engaging setting to enrich all curriculum subjects.

A visit to the park enables students to develop an understanding of the natural world around them and sessions can be linked to a variety of subjects including science, maths, history, geography, literacy and art.

Choose from the list of sessions below and email West ham park learning team to arrange your free visit.

Funding support

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KS1 school programmes

National curriculum link: Literacy

Visit West Ham Park where the story “Bear Hunt” comes to life! After reading the story with a member of the learning team, they will take you “on a bear hunt” with a mixture of games and activities along the way. Can you get through all of the obstacles and make your way to the bears cave?

Session length: 45 mins – 1 hour

National curriculum link: History

Get transported back in time to the Stone Age and discover if you have the skills to survive and thrive! Can you work as a team to build a shelter? Have you got the skills to make a piece of Stone Age art? Find out by learning about the Stone Age at West Ham Park.

Session length: 1 – 2 hours

National curriculum link: Science

Get the opportunity to go pond-dipping or bug hunting in our hands on Habitats sessions. Discover which creatures choose to live in our dedicated teaching gardens by using an identification key to learn who is who.

Top tip – book 2 x 1 hour sessions or a 2 hour session to give your children a chance to pond-dip and bug hunt and compare the habitats they have explored.

National curriculum link: Art

Get creative at West Ham Park and make nature-inspired art with a member of the Learning team. Take a look at examples of eco-art as a group and discuss the textures, patterns and colours that can be seen. Children will have the opportunity to try their hand at activities such as creating nature mosaics, sculpting and mud painting.

Session length: 1 – 2 hours

Plant Explorers

Plant Explorers KS1 Resource Pack PDF (5MB)
Date submitted: 3/02/22